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Department of Transnational Studies

The Department of Transnational Studies offers a range of degree programs aimed to promote excellence in cross-border, comparative, and interdisciplinary research and teaching. It administers UB's highly acclaimed graduate programs in American Studies and in Global Gender Studies, which offer both masters and doctoral degrees. A graduate-level Native Studies program is housed within the American Studies programs. The Department also offers a Master of Arts in Humanities in the Caribbean Cultural Studies Program, and a Joint Masters of Arts (with Brock University) in Canadian-American Studies. For undergraduates, the Department offers Bachelor's degrees in African and African American Studies, American Studies, and Global Gender Studies as well as undergraduate minors in all of these fields and in Polish Studies and Latino/a Studies.

The Department's faculty has brought these programs under one roof recognizing that each has a long history of exercising leadership in its separate field by exposing students to the challenges of membership in the world’s ever more deeply connected, yet always diverse communities. The Department sees itself as the university’s gateway for students eager to explore connections across boundaries of all kinds: across national borders, continents, and oceans; across lines of social identity; across time; between humanity and the natural environment; across the disciplines; between theory and practice; and between research and social engagement.

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