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About Us

African and African American Studies Program

African and African American Studies at the University at Buffalo replicates the experience of a small liberal arts college in the midst of a major research university. We invite students looking for the advantages of being part of a discipline that combines personal attention with a wide choice of courses on the African American, Africa, and Caribbean experience. The curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary perspective that contributes to mastering the research, writing and critical thinking skills necessary in a society in which higher education plays such a crucial role. At the same time our students are encouraged to refine and develop their individual interests that stem from the extensive understanding of the field African and African American Studies offerings provides.

American Studies Program

American Studies is an interdisciplinary field in which we award B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. We take a global and hemispheric approach to the study of the Americas, examining local cultures, nations, and regions within their larger geopolitical contexts. Building on our traditional strengths in American Indian studies, critical race theory, feminism, class analysis, and community engagement, we encourage scholarly work on history, politics, visual cultures, literary and oral cultures, environmental and agricultural practices, religions, gender, sexualities, kinship systems, geography, and economics.

Global Gender Studies Program

Global Gender Studies offers today’s women and men courses in three clusters: cultures and identities, women and global citizenship, and gender and public policy. The courses within each concentration recognize developing trends in studies of women in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the United States. Our objective is to link local and global knowledge, so as to prepare students with the capacity to link gender and history, literature and policy, and to be able to apply these to graduate work and practical employment.

Canadian American Studies Program

The Canadian American Studies program at the University at Buffalo mobilizes and draws upon a wide range of faculty expertise and interest in Canada. For our part, UB’s faculty have long appreciated the importance of studying Canada. We are among the most active campuses in the entire United States when it comes to research and teaching on Canada. We are, therefore, an excellent place for you to study Canada and the cross-border relationship.

Students are also encouraged to apply for our Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Canadian Studies on its own, or to fulfill its requirements while simultaneously earning a graduate or professional degree at UB. Certificate students are eligible to obtain necessary visa status and financial aid where appropriate. All students who complete this program will receive a SUNY transcript (if they are otherwise not enrolled at UB and a Certificate from the State University of New York. More importantly, they will be equipped to contribute to the enhancement of one of the most remarkable and intimate bi-national relationships in the world.

 Polish Studies Program

The Polish Studies Program aspires to engage students, scholars and the community whose knowledge and interests center on the Polish experience. The Program’s mission involves a broad approach to the discipline that situates Polishness in its historical contexts of cosmopolitanism, transnationalism and diaspora. We seek to provide a contemporary international perspective that reflects the nation’s new position as a member of the European Union, incorporating, at the same time, the Polish experience outside of Poland as reflected in the Polish community in Buffalo.

Latino/a Studies Program

Latina/Latino studies is an interdisciplinary program, comprising courses that focus on various aspects of the U.S. Latina/Latino, as well as the Latin American, experience. The term Latino is inclusive of the diverse Hispanic communities in the United States, such as Chicano, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and others. The program offers an interdisciplinary minor. The course of study combines its Latino courses with offerings from history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, literature, and language.

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