Theresa McCarthy

Theresa McCarthy
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Office: 1007 Clemens Hall
Telephone: (716) 645-0823
Email: tm59@buffalo.edu

Theresa McCarthy's work focuses on the continuity of Haudenosaunee traditionalism and languages within contemporary Six Nations/Haudenosaunee communities, especially Six Nations of Grand River in Ontario, Canada. Her scholarly, teaching, and activist interests reside in the areas of Haudenosaunee citizenship/clans, the social meanings of Haudenosaunee unity and diversity, Six Nations/Haudenosaunee land rights, the historiography of anthropological research on the Iroquois, Iroquois factionalism, Indigenous women and anti-violence initiatives, linguistic research methodologies, and community-based/applied research initiatives. Professor McCarthy has worked as a consultant for research projects broadly addressing issues of health (Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy, IHRDP), education (Native University Access Program Evaluation), and the environment (EAGLE Project, NRDA-Akwesasne) in numerous First Nations communities. She is a citizen (Beaver clan) of the Onondaga nation of Six Nations of Grand River.


B.A. (hons), Anthropology with Linguistics specialization from the University of Western Ontario

M.A., Symbolic Anthropology from the University of Western Ontario

Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology from McMaster University

Areas of Specialization

Native American Studies, esp. Haudenosaunee traditionalism and languages in contemporary contexts, Haudenosaunee citizenship/clans, Haudenosaunee women, Historiography of anthropological research on the Iroquois, Iroquois factionalism, linguistic research methodologies, community-based/applied research initiatives

Recent Publications/Manuscripts in Progress

“Hnyo'hneha' owena' - hnyo'hneha'nihaweno'de: ( “White kind” words and language): Haudenosaunee Traditionalism and Problems of Translation,” Contemporary First Nations: Discourse, Identity and Power, Eds. Regna Darnell, Lisa Philips Valentine, and Allan McDougall (forthcoming)

"Iroquoian and Iroquoianist: Anthropologists and the Haudenosaunee at Grand River." Histories of Anthropology Annual, Volume 4.

"Db:ni:s nisahsgaodvj?: Haudenosaunee Clans and the Reconstruction of Traditional Haudenosaunee Identity and Nationhood" (manuscript in-progress)

"Factionalism as Metanarrative: The Kanonhstaton Land Reclamation and Contemporary Critical Anthropology at Six Nations of Grand River" (manuscript in -progress)

Current Research

Professor McCarthy is adapting her dissertation, "'It isn't easy': The Politics of Representation, 'Factionalism,' and Anthropology in Promoting Haudenosaunee Traditionalism at Six Nations," into a book that will interrogate interpretive representations of Iroquois factionalism from multiple frames of reference by engaging historic and ongoing colonial experiences, state/power relations and paradigms of unity, divisiveness and nationalism as advanced through Haudenosaunee traditionalism and languages.

Collaborative work with other Six Nations scholars on research grant writing to assist Haudenosaunee language speakers from Six Nations of Grand River in reproducing portions of the J.N.B Hewitt collection (Smithsonian archives) for the purposes of translation.

Collaborative work with other Six Nations scholars and community members in the assembling and developing educational resources on the history of Six Nations land rights in the Grand River Tract region.

Frequently Taught Courses

Indigenous Knowledges and Sustainable Futures
Six Nations People in Contemporary Times
Honoring Indigenous Women
Critical Readings in Indigenous Scholarship
Indigenous Human Rights
Globalization, Development and Indigenous Peoples
Native American Literature
First Nations Literature in Canada

Professional Activities

Member, American Studies Graduate Committee at UB
Member, The Buffalo Seminar on Racial Justice
Member, American Anthropological Association
Member, Society for the Anthropology of North America
Member, The President's Committee on Indigenous Issues, McMaster University

Awards and Grants

UB Gender Institute, Gender Week Grant, 2007
Fulbright Scholar at SUNY-Buffalo, Center for the Americas
United Nations Bursary Award