Graduate Studies


NOTE: this is a partial list of Ph.D. and M.A. Recipients

ACKLEY, KRISTINA LYN—Ph.D. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: “We Are Oneida Yet:” Discourse in the Oneida Land Claim. (pp. 290)  abstract

AGOES, IRID FARIDA—Ph.D. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: Indigenous Jakartans and Globalization. (pp. 186) abstract

ALBIZU, WANDA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

ACKLEY, KRISTINA LYN—Ph.D. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: “We Are Oneida Yet:” Discourse in the Oneida Land Claim. (pp. 290)  abstract

AGOES, IRID FARIDA—Ph.D. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: Indigenous Jakartans and Globalization. (pp. 186) abstract

ALBIZU, WANDA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

ALFIERI, GABRIELLE—M.A. (2006)—[American Studies Program]: Mass Incarceration in America: A Social Problem. (pp. 88) abstract

AMOS, SHARON L. RICHARDSON—Ph.D. (2005)—[American Studies Program]:  Whose Dust is Rising? Historical and Literary Narratives of the Northern Migration of African American Women. (pp. 112) abstract

ANTONE, ROBERT—M.A. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Haudenosaunee Relational Knowledge (teaching) and Impact on Cultural Revitalization – Seven Spans Paradigm. (pp. ) abstract

AVERY, ANTHONY—M.A. (1995)—[American Studies Program]: Men’s Roles and American Culture: (Re)Defining Masculinities. (pp. ) abstract

BARREIRO, JOSE EUGENIO—Ph.D. (1992)—[American Studies Program]: Taino. The Journal of Diago Colon, Indian Adopted Son of Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea: An Historical Reconstruction. (pp. 520) abstract

BARRY-ARREDONDO, CHRISTOPHER—M.A. (2006)—[American Studies Program]: The Talking Paper: Interpreting the Birch-Bark Scrolls of the Ojibwa Midewiwim. (pp. 68) abstract

BARYLSKI, DEBORAH LYNN—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

BAUZA-VARGAS, YADMILLA—Ph.D. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: “Yo Lo Que de Catalina Loango . . . “: Orality and Gender in the Caribbean. (pp. 326) abstract

BIDELL, HEATHER NAORI—Ph.D. (2012)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Metamorphic Literatures: Voicing a New Movement. . (pp. 160) abstract

BITTERMAN, ALBERT (ALEX)—Ph.D. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Brandtopia: A Critical Consideration of the Evolution and Future of Place Branding. (pp. 333) abstract

BONNER-FENTY, SHIRLEY ANNE—Ph.D. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: Paleolithic Anatomically Modern Ancestral African Khoisan Migrated to Asia and America as Indicated by Genetic Cultural and Linguistic Evidence. (pp. 570) abstract

BORDEN, ANNE SEELEY—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: “Wiggers” “Race Traitors” and the Politics of “Posing:” Construction of Whiteness of Popular Culture. (pp. ) abstract

BRASCOUPE, SIMON—M.A. (1987)—[American Studies Program]:

BRASILIERE, JENNA—M.A. (2008)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

BRASSEL, ELIZABETH—M.A. (1997)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: The Construction of Identity and History in the Writings of Lesbians of Color. (pp. ) abstract

BROOKS BERTRAM, PEGGY ANN—Ph.D. (2002)—[American Studies Program]:  Drusilla Dunjee Houston: Uncrowned Queen in the African American Women’s Literary Tradition. (pp. 368) abstract

BROUGHTON, CANDACE SCOVELL—Ph.D. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Gendered Justice: Emma Wimple and the Story of Murder Hill. (pp. 224) abstract

CANDILLO, JOHN JOSEPH – PhD (2014) – (American Studies Program): The Southeastern Woodland Archery Tradition; A Living Aboriginal Material Culture Tradition.

CALI, GINA—M.A. (2005)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

CARDOSA, SUSANNA—M.A. (2013)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

CAREY, CORINNE—M.A. (1992)—[American Studies Program]:

CHAMBERLAIN, TAYLOR—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: The Oren Lyons Archival Project. (pp. ) abstract

CHAN, CHEOW JOO—M.A. (2013)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

CIMASI, KATHLEEN—M.A. (2001)—[American Studies Program]: Adolescent Pregnancy: A Study of Two Current Programs Utilizing Multifocal Palliative Paradigms. (pp. ) abstract

CIMASI, KATHLEEN—M.A. (2001)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

COLLINS, JOHN—Ph.D. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: The Ghanaian Concert Party: African Popular Entertainment at the Crossroads. (pp. 640) abstract

CONCEPCION, ANGEL L.—M.A. (1978)—[American Studies Program]: Project on the early years of the American occupation of Puerto Rico. (pp. ) abstract

COPPOLA, MARIE SACCOMANDO—Ph.D. (1998)—[American Studies Program]:  Toward a Missing Link in the Identity of Italian American Women: Oral Histories of Sicilian and Sicilian American Women. (pp. 187) abstract

CORRIGALL, TRACY—M.A. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Creating a Successful Non-Profit Organization to Mentor Today’s Youth. (pp. ) abstract

CRAYS, LINDA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Women and the Internet: Interactions and Ramifications. (pp. ) abstract

DE VEAUX, ALEXIS—Ph.D. (1992)—[American Studies Program]: Concealed Weapons: Contemporary Black Women’s Short Stories as Agents of Social Change, 1960s to the Present. (pp. 423) abstract

DIHANN, D. SYLVESTER—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: The History of a Community Based Organization, Sunship Communications, in Buffalo, 1972 – 1978. (pp. ) abstract

DIMITRIADIS, GREG—M.A. (1995)—[American Studies Program]: Curriculum Development Project on “Musics of the World: Rap.” (pp. ) abstract

DING, WEI—M.A. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Cosmetic Surgery in American Consumer Culture. (pp. ) abstract

DION-BUFFALO, YVONNE—Ph.D. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Four Generations: A Story of a Family of Plains Cree Women. (pp. 239) abstract

DIXON, TAMARA—M.A. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: “The Novel as Geometry of Desire:”  The Erotic Metafiction in Carole Maso’s The Art Lover, Rikki Ducornet’s The Fan-Maker’s Inquisition, and Joanna Scott’s The Manikin. (pp. 79) abstract

DOUGHERTY, JIM—Ph.D. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: The Struggle for an American Way of Life: Coal Miners and Operators in Central Pennsylvania , 1919-1933: A Videodocumentary and Curriculum Guide Approach to a Working Class History and Qualitative Treatment of Americanism. (pp. 225) abstract

DOVE, NAH DOROTHY E.—Ph.D. (1993)—[American Studies Program]: Racism and Resistance in the Schooling of Afrikans. [sic]  (pp. 289) abstract

DRAJEM, LINDA—Ph.D. (2001)—[American Studies Program]: Life Stories: Successful White Women Teachers of Ethnically and Racially Diverse Students. (pp. 240) abstract

EATON, ERICA LELAND—Ph.D. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Learning in Mono, Living in Stereo: Media Literacy Education. (pp. 131) abstract

ELLIS, AMANDA—M.A. (2008)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

FAIRCHILD, CHARLES STEVEN—Ph.D. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:  Community Radio and Public Culture, Being an Examination of Media Access and Equity in the Nations of North America. (pp. 409) abstract

FARMELO, ALLEN—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: Imagining Bluegrass: Essays on the Social Construction of Race Through Stories About Music. (pp. ) abstract

FOX, NICKY—M.A. (2008)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

GARCIA, CARMEN M.—M.A. (1982)—[American Studies Program]: Un llanto que no se oye (A cry that can’t be heard). (pp. ) abstract

GASTON, KENNETH—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

GOBLE, LUKE J. –Ph.D. (2007)—[American Studies Program]: Indians and the National Unconscious: Discourses of Nationalism and Democracy in the United States and Bolivia, 1780-1850. (pp. 257) abstract

GONZALEZ-ALBARRAN, MARIA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: How Meditation Creates the Ideal Space for Creativity and Possible Repercussions in the Learning Process. (pp. ) abstract

HAMEL, MARTHA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

HAMPTON, BONITA—Ph.D. (1998)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:  A Comparative Study of Risk Factors Associates with Exposure to HIV Among a Sample of African American Women. (pp. 167) abstract

HAN, SANGJOON—M.A. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: Space and Nature in James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales. (pp. ) abstract

HAN, SANGJOON—Ph.D. (2009)—[American Studies Program]: American Movement: Nature and Civilization in Turner, Cooper, Twain and Cather. (pp. 175) abstract

HARDING, JASON—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: Repatriation: Looking to the Future by Bringing Back the Past. (pp. ) abstract

HARRIS, ENA A.—Ph.D. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: The (Un)Clear Race Configuations of Whiteness in Anglophone Literature of the Caribbean Diapora. (pp. 225) abstract

HARRIS, JAMES—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Coal People: Contemporary Images of Northern Appalachia. (pp. ) abstract

HARRIS, JENNIFER—M.A. (2002)—[American Studies Program]: Stop Pulling at My Roots. (pp. ) abstract

HATAKEYAMA, NOZOMI—M.A. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Living Wage Strategies: Lessons from Buffalo, New York. (pp. ) abstract

HAWELU-HILLS, PHOENIX—M.A. (2011)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

HAYES, LISA—Ph.D. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Theatricalizing Oral History: How British and American Theatre Artists Explore Current Events and Contemporary Politics in the Journey from Interview to Performance. (pp.  239) abstract

HELBRINGER, JAMES—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: Analysis of Men’s Roles and Culture in the U.S.A. (pp. ) abstract

HENDERSON, BEHJAT—Ph.D. (1998)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Reversing the Lens: Voices and Images of Iranian Women. (pp. 219) abstract

HERNANDEZ, ANGELA—M.A. (1997)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Spiritual Power and Caribbean Women’s Literature: An Examination of Some of the Works by Maryse Conde’, Rosario Ferre’, Jamaica Kincaid and Paule Marshall. (pp. ) abstract

HERNANDEZ, GLADYS—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Chronicles of Puertorican History and Culture. (pp. ) abstract

HERNANDEZ, MARISOL—M.A. (1996)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

HILL, BARBARA-HELEN—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: Healing the Spirit – How We Can Learn From Each Other Studies in Anti-Racism Through Literature. (pp. ) abstract

HILL, SUSAN MARIE—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]:

HOANG, QUAN—M.A (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Individualism and Inequality in Vietnam after the Doi Moi Era. (pp. ) abstract

HOWARD, PETER—M.A (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Relations Between Native Americans and those of African Descent in the South, 1526 to 1907. (pp. 83) abstract

ICHIKAWA, YUKIYO—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: Comparative Studies of Ainu and Native Americans: The Impact of Invasion and Colonization. (pp. ) abstract

JABBAAR-GYAMBRAH, TARA (AMA SIKA) AMINAH—Ph.D. (2007)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Hip-Hop, Hip-Life: Global Sistahs. (pp. 390) abstract

JAMIESON, LAUREN—M.A. (2009)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

JOHNSON CLARK, VIVIAN—M.A. (2004)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

JONES II, CLARENCE—M.A. (2007)—[American Studies Program]: Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice: Academic Reflections from the Life of a Probation Officer. (pp. ) abstract

JOO, JEONGSUK—Ph.D. (2007)—[American Studies Program]: Beyond Binaries: Globalization, the Korean Film Industry and Hollywood Hegemony. (pp. 233) abstract

JORDON, YVETTE—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]:

KANG, HYO SUNG—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: The Significance of Father Figures in Richard Wright and Sherman Alexie. (pp. 68) abstract

KASHIMOTO, TOMOKO—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: Race, Class and Ethnicity: The 1992 Los Angeles Riots. (pp. ) abstract

KAZMIERCZAK, DENNIS—M.A. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Changing American Culture One Household at a Time. (pp. ) abstract

KEEGAN, CAITLIN—M.A. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Disappear, Queer: Popular Media, The Public Sphere, and The Struggle for Queer Liberation in American Culture and Politics. (pp. ) abstract

KIESBYE, STEFAN—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: The Wistern: Owen Wister’s The Virginian and the Construction of an American Working-Class Hero. (pp. ) abstract

KIM, EUN HYOUNG—Ph.D. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: The American Renaissance, the Sectional Crisis, and Individualism: Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, and Their Response to Slavery and Racism. (pp. 241) abstract

KING, AMY—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: The Poetics of Anarchy. (pp. ) abstract

KITAWAKI, MICHIYO—M.A. (2000)—[American Studies Program]:

KITTAKA, LOUSIE—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: The Foreign Wife in American-Japanese Intercultural Marriage: Comparing the Experiences of American Women in Tokyo and Japanese Women in Buffalo, New York. (pp. ) abstract

KLINE, CARRIE NOBEL—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

KOGAWA, MOTOMI—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]:

KOLODCZAK, DEBRA—M.A. (2002)—[American Studies Program]: Century Turns: 1901-2001 (video program) and PHS Cologram (3D artwork). (pp. ) abstract

KOLODCZAK, DEBRA—Ph.D. (2009)—[American Studies Program]: Canoe Links: Work, Play, Symbol and Show in North American’s Native/Newcomer Encounter. (pp. 278) abstract

KRAUS, KRIS—M.A. (2001)—[American Studies Program]: Inner City Griots: The Cultural Assimilation of African and African American Oral Traditions, Musical Visions and Revolutionary Ideas into New York City Hip-Hop Culture. (pp. ) abstract

KRISTIANTO, BAYU—M.A. (2006)—[American Studies Program]: Man and the World in Emerson, Heidegger and Native American Philosophy. (pp. 276) abstract

KRYSTY, STEPHEN WILLIAM—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]:

KTAWAKI, MICHIYO—M.A. (2000)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

KWIATEK, LEIGH—M.A. (2004)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

LACEY, BRENDA WASHINGTON—Ph.D. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now; A Study of African American Females Performing on School-Based Drill Teams. (pp. 137) abstract

LAMB, KATHY RAE—M.A. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: .Who Owns Grand Island? A Critique of the Decision of Seneca Nation of Indians v. New York. (pp. ) abstract

LI, ZHANHONG—M.A. (2006)—[American Studies Program]: Biblical Origins and Echoes: Modern American Literature and Biblical Archetypes. (pp. 60) abstract

LI, ZHEN—M.A. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: Veiled Reality: The Distance Between The Blithedale Romance and Brook Farm. (pp. ) abstract

LIDA, MIKI—M.A. (2000)—[American Studies Program]: Different Narratives of Female Relationships: Early Female Comic Book Culture in Japan, 1955-1963. (pp. ) abstract

MACHIDA, MARGO LANI—Ph.D. (2002)—[American Studies Program]: The Poetics of Positionality: Art, Identity and Communities of Imagination in Asian America. (pp. 480) abstract

MALFA, SONIA—M.A. (2000)—[American Studies Program]: La Sangre Llama. (pp. ) abstract

MAY, OLIVER—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: How the War Was Sold: Shaping Public Opinion Through Fear, Power, and Influence. (pp. 81) abstract

MCCLELLAN, EMILY—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: Dreaming America : Television, Hegemony, and American Culture. (pp. 57) abstract

MCKENZIE, CARLA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

MICHALSKI, DAVID—M.A. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: A Conversational Sociology: The Social Activist. (pp. ) abstract

MIOSI, MICHELLE—M.A. (2012)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

MITCHELL-CHAPMAN, ELLYN J.—M.A. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: Project on American Indian Education. (pp. ) abstract

MIYAKE, EMI—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

MOHAMED, MOHAMED—M.A. (2009)—[American Studies Program]: “U.S. Strategic Interest in Somalia: From Cold War Era to War on Terror.”  (pp. 86) abstract

MOHAWK, JOHN—Ph.D. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: A View from Turtle Island : Chapters in Iroquois Mythology, History and Culture. (pp. 231) abstract

MOORE, JAMES ROBERT—M.A. (1984)—[American Studies Program]: History and Analysis of the Arts and Crafts Inside New York State Prison System. (pp. ) abstract

MOORE, TIFFANY—M.A. (2011)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

MUKUPA, GRACE CHOBELA—M.A. (2013)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Youth Empowerment in HIV/AIDS Intervention in Zambia: The Role of Grassroots NGOs. (pp. 73) abstract

NACHESCU, VOICHITA—Ph.D. (2006)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Becoming the Feminist Subject. Consciousness-Raising Groups In Second Wave Feminism. . (pp. 290) abstract

NANCE, APRILLE—M.A. (2002)—[American Studies Program]: The Story of Stories, Great Camps and Fieldwork: The Story of John Hoy. (pp. ) abstract

NAPIERALA, NANCY—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: Haudenosaunee Clan Mothers: The Role of Tranditional Clan Mothers in the Formation and Survival of the Iroquois Confederacy. (pp. ) abstract

NATHANSON, JESSICA ANN—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]:

NATHANSON, JESSICA ANN—Ph.D. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: The Politics of Identity: Bisexuals, Multiracials and the Challenge of Community. (pp. 248) abstract

NAVARRE, EVELYN—Ph.D. (2010)—[American Studies Program]: In Labor Her Best Teacher: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Work as a Transcendentalist Buildungsroman. (pp. 288) abstract

NEAL, MARK ANTHONY—Ph.D. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Discursive Soul: Black Popular Music, Communal Critique and the Black Public Sphere of the Urban North. (pp. 203) abstract

NEESON, KATHRYN COLMAN—M.A. (1997)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Memoirs of a Rockette. (pp. ) abstract

NIEVES, LUIS—M.A. (2000)—[American Studies Program]: American Culture and Global Interaction: Designing, Teaching and Revising Three Courses. (pp. ) abstract

NIMAN, MICHAEL IRA—Ph.D. (1991)—[American Studies Program]: The Rainbow Family: An Ethnography from Within. (pp. 307) abstract

OBOMSAWIN, ELIZABETH—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]:

OCHSENDORF, EUGUENE—M.A. (2001)—[American Studies Program]: Crossing the Great Educational Divide: TRIO interventions In Education and Culture in West Virginia. (pp. ) abstract

OH-WILLEGE, SHARON JEANIE—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Moving Beyond the Model Minority Myth: First and Second Generation Korean Women in Buffalo and the Culture of Successing Oneself. (pp. ) abstract

ONOSAKA, JUNKO—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]:

PADIN, DAIANSA I—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: Slavery: Some of Its Effects on Cuban Society, Religion, Culture and Politics. (pp. ) abstract

PASTEWKA, KEVIN—M.A. (1995)—[American Studies Program]: Community Response to Deindustrialization. (pp. ) abstract

PENFOLD, JOSHUA—Ph.D. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: Deconstructing Constructed News Events. (pp. 179) abstract

PERES, LUIS—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalist Party in Puerto Rico. (pp. ) abstract

PERVEZ, NIGHAT—M.A. (2012)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

PETERSON, MELISSA—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: The Needs of United States Capital and the Rise of Fertility Control in Puerto Rico. (pp. ) abstract

PHILIPS-PALO, LINDA—M.A. (1974)—[American Studies Program]:

PITTMAN, CHRISTOPHER—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: Reflections on the Land Rights of The Western Shoshone in Nevada. (pp. ) abstract

PLASTAS, MELINDA ANN—Ph.D. (2001)—[American Studies Program]:  A Band of Noble Women: The WILPF and the Politics and Consciousness of Race in the Women’s Peace Movement, 1915-1945. (pp. 334) abstract

PLOETZ, ELMER—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]: James Blue, Buffalo and the Complex Urban Documentary. (pp. 80) abstract

POWER, JOSEPHINE—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]:  Between the Historical Lines: Oral Histories of First Generation Syrian-Lebanese American Women. (pp. ) abstract

PRAGLER, JOSEF ANTON—Ph.D. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Encountering Islam: Essays in Cultural History and Representation. (pp. 245) abstract

PRICE, ERIN MELISSA—M.A. (2007)—[American Studies Program]:

RAGONA, MELISSA ANNE—Ph.D. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: A Genealogy of Spectacle: Fascism, Consumerism and the Mimetic Body. (pp. 261) abstract

RAINVILLE, ROGER—M.A. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: The Status Question for Puerto(1994)Rico and Quebec: Cultures and Languages. (pp. ) abstract

RICHARDS, ELIZABETH—M.A. (2000)—[American Studies Program]: We’ve Come a Long Way Babies, but is it Feminism?: Television and the “Girl Power” phenomenon. (pp. ) abstract

RICKARD, JOLENE K.—Ph.D. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: Indigenous and Iroquoian Art as Knowledge: In the Shadow of the Eagle. (pp. 269) abstract

ROCKENBACH, LESLIE JANE—M.A. (1995)—[American Studies Program]: Justice in the Maquiliadoras: Thoughts, Interviews, and Inquiry into a United Struggle Against One U.S. Multinational. (pp. ) abstract

ROCKENBACH, LESLIE JANE—Ph.D. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: The Mexican-American Border: NAFTA/Global Linkages. (pp. 240) abstract

ROSSER, ERIC—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: The African American Male in United States Society. (pp. ) abstract

ROSSI, JENNIFER CHRISTIANNA—Ph.D. (2003)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:  Souls Across Spaces: Ambiguity as Resistance and a New Generation of Black Women Writers. (pp. 407) abstract

ROURE, JODIE GENINE—Ph.D. (2004)—[American Studies Program]: International Human Rights Law as a Resource in Combating Domestic Violence: Transcending Legal, Social and Cultural Obstacles in Brasil and the United States. (pp. 174) abstract

ROWLEY, KELLEY—Ph.D. (2008)—[American Studies Program]: “I Think About this Dream Often” Nostalgic Visions of Native Americans During the Progressive Era 1890-1930. (pp. 194) abstract

SACCO, LYNN—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Incest Survivors and Feminist Activism: A Historical Examination of the Relationships Between the Recovery Movement and Social Challenges. (pp. ) abstract

SACKEY,SHIRLEY—M.A. (2009)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

SALAMI-BOUKARI, SAFOURA ASHABY—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: Gender and Cultural Issues in LGBO Society: A Study of Flora N’wapa’s Efura. (pp. ) abstract

SALAMI-BOUKARI, SAFOURA ASHABY—Ph.D. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: Retrouvailles: A Comparative Meditation on the Experiences of African Descended Women and the Quest for Sisterhood toward Syncretic Paradigm. (pp. 388) abstract

SANTIAGO, EVELYN—M.A. (1980)—[American Studies Program]: The Status of Mental Health in Puerto Rico. (pp. ) abstract

SANTIAGO, JANINE M.—Ph.D. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: Weaving Fiction, History, Memory and Orality in Four Puerto Rican Women Writers. (pp. 145) abstract

SANTIAGO, PHILLIP—M.A. (1994)—[American Studies Program]: Critical Readings of Fernando Picos’ Sources on His Historia General de Puerto Rico. (pp. ) abstract

SARMIENTO, SHIRLEY—M.A. (2000)—[American Studies Program]:

SAROPFEEN, MICHAELA—M.A. (2009)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

SATYAL BANSKOTA, SHIBA—Ph.D. (2012)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Women’s Empowerment and Development in Nepal: Multiple Discourse Analysis. (pp. 239) abstract

SCHWALLER, SHAWN W.—M.A. (2005)—[American Studies Program]:  The Doctrine of Whiteness: National Supremacy and Manifest Destiny. (pp. 79) abstract

SHENANDOAH, ROBERT—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: The Selective Recognition of the United States Historical-Legal Records and Original Turtle Islanders: The Concept is Alive and Well. (pp. ) abstract

SIMON, BRIAN—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Cultural Survival Under Occupation. (pp. ) abstract

SMITH, ARLETTE MILLER—Ph.D. (2005)—[Global Gender Studies Program]: Speaking the Song, Spreading the Word, Lifting the People: The Reimagination of Community Through Vocal Music Activism. (pp. 319) abstract

SMITH ELIOT KING—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: The Romance of Crossover: The Cultural Production of Fandom in America. (pp. ) abstract

SMITH, ELIOT KING—Ph.D. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: The Romance of Crossover: The Cultural Production of Fandom in American. (pp. 225) abstract

SMITH, JENNIFER BRADFORD—Ph.D. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: An International History of the Black Panther Party. (pp. 202) abstract

SNYDER, CINDY R.—M.A. (1999)—[American Studies Program]:

SORDELLINI, LAUREN—M.A. (2013)—[Global Gender Studies Program]:

STEPHENS, DIONNE—M.A. (1998)—[American Studies Program]: Intercourse: Creating a Womanist Based Alternative to Current Sexuality Education Resources for Young Black Women. (pp. ) abstract

SUGAR, MARVESE—M.A. (1997)—[American Studies Program]: Invisible Women: A Chronicle of Black Women in Film from a Womanist Perspective. (pp. ) abstract

TANAKA, MAYUMI—M.A. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: Eastern European Jewish Immigrants. (pp. ) abstract

TANG, SUET-LING SHIRLEY—Ph.D. (2002)—[American Studies Program]: Enough is Enough!: Struggles for Cambodian American Community Development in Revere, Massachusetts. (pp. 225) abstract

TAYLOR, LORI ELAINE—Ph.D. (2000)—[American Studies Program]: Telling Stories about Mormons and Indians. (pp. 498) abstract

TING, YI-CHYA—M.A. (2006)—[American Studies Program]: Seeking a New Spiritual Home: The Study of Chinese Christian Churches and Communities in the United States. (pp. 79) abstract

TOBOL, AMY RUTH—Ph.D. (1999)—[American Studies Program]: Badge of Honor: The Law Students Civil Rights Research Council. (pp. 305) abstract

TORO SEPU’LVEDA, KALIA BELINE’S—M.A. (2003)—[American Studies Program]: Architectural Hispanophilia in Early Twentieth Century Puerto Rico: Mapping the Space of Cultural Identify. (pp. ) abstract

VALANDRA, EDWARD CHARLES—Ph.D. (2001)—[American Studies Program]: The Lakota Response to Public Law 83-280: 1950-1959. (pp. 395) abstract

WAKEFIELD, DARCY—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: There May be Flies on Ma and Pa, but There Ain’t no Flies on Bill: An Oral History of a Rural Maine Woman, 1916 – Present. (pp. ) abstract

WARD, PATRICK DENNIS—M.A. (1996)—[American Studies Program]: Church and State: Western Spirituality and Colonization. (pp. ) abstract

WARD, PATRICK DENNIS—Ph.D. (2002)—[American Studies Program]: Manifest Destiny: The Idea of Progress and the Rationalization of Terrorism in Western Colonization. (pp. 364) abstract

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