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Janina Brutt-Griffler, Professor, Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

Fields of interest: the understanding of language use in society, specifically the exploration of multilingualism, contemporary dialogue on heritage languages, and language maintenance

Munroe Eagles, Professor, Director of Canadian Studies

Fields of interest: political geography and the comparative politics of Anglo-American democracies, especially Canada

Cecil Foster, Professor, Chair of Transnational Studies

Keith Griffler, Associate Professor

Fields of Interest: African American and black world history; transnationalism and modernity; political economy

Donald Grinde, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Fields of interest: Native American Studies, Haudenosaunee/Iroquois history, Native American thought, U.S. Indian Policy since 1871, Environmental Studies and Native Americans, American Indian activism in the U.S.

Theresa McCarthy, Associate Professor

Fields of interest: Native American Studies, esp. Haudenosaunee traditionalism and languages in contemporary contexts, Haudenosaunee citizenship/clans, Haudenosaunee women, Historiography of anthropological research on the Iroquois, Iroquois factionalism, linguistic research methodologies, community-based/applied research initiatives

Alyssa Mt. Pleasant, Assistant Professor

Fields of Interest: Native American Studies, with specialization in Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois) history during the 18th and 19th centuries. Broader teaching and research interests include early American history, American Indian social and intellectual histories; settler colonialism, especially as it relates to legal and educational systems; conceptualizations of space, place, and land tenure in Indian Country; and public history.

Carl Nightingale, Professor

Fields of interest: Race, race theory and racial justice; Urban history; World history; Urban racial segregation in global perspective; Youth culture and activism; youth culture as a global phenomenon; Community organizing; African American history

James Pappas, Associate Professor

Fields of Interest: applied media aesthetics [in Black Cinema studies]

Marla Segol, Associate Professor

Fields of Interest: The study of Kabbalah, Medieval Cosmopolitanism, Sexuality and Embodiment in Judaism, and contemporary New Age religion.

Gwynn Thomas, Associate Professor

Fields of interest: Latin America, women’s political participation and leadership, gender and politics, transnational feminism, comparative women’s movements, feminist theory, citizenship and state development

Camilo Trumper, Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: Latin American History, Urban Studies, Visual Culture, Methods of Cultural History

Christine Varnado, Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: English literature, Drama, Queer theory, Affect and erotic desire, Race and early colonialism, History of sexuality, Psychoanalysis, Historicism and historical time

Barbara Wejnert, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Fields of interest: gender and democracy, women’s health, violence against women, market globalization and gender inequality, women’s well-being and health in democratizing Asian, Eastern European, and African countries

Lillian Williams, Associate Professor

Fields of Interest: institutions, ethnicity, biography, and women’s history

Kari Winter, Professor, Executive Director of the Humanities Institute

Fields of interest: American literature and history; slavery and resistance; African American literature; transnational women’s literature; American Indian literature; Revolutionary Age; antebellum America; genre studies (the novel, autobiography, biography, science fiction and fantasy); ecofeminism

Cynthia Wu, Associate Professor

Fields of interest: Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies, Disability Studies, Gender and Sexuality

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