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Ph.D. Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland (Sociology)

Recent Courses

WS 225 Violence in Gendered World
WS 414 Contemporary Global and Gender Issues
WS 560 Gender and the Global Economy
WS 409/790 Quantitative Methods and Social Research

Research Interests

gender and democracy, women’s health, violence against women, market globalization and gender inequality, women’s well-being and health in democratizing Asian, Eastern European, and African countries


Professor Wejnert interdisciplinary research focuses on the world-wide diffusion of democracy and globalization of market, and their effect on gender equality, women’s health and gender policies. For this work she received grants from the Open Society Institute—the Soros Foundation (in 2005-07, 2003, 1996-1998), Ford Foundation (1996), Kosciuszko Foundation (1996), International Research and Exchange Board (2001-2002), National Endowments for the Humanities (1996, 1993), the Life Course Institute at Cornell (1995) and others.

Professor Wejnert is an internationally known scholar in her field and an award winning author of research papers specializing in political economics, political economics, economic sociology and global gender studies. She is the former  chair of Department of Global Gender Studies at the University at Buffalo, and former faculty and a director of academic program at Cornell University . Her research interests are with economic and political sociology, globalization with particular focus on processes and outcomes of democratization and diffusion of democracy. Starting with work on the transition to democracy in former communist states, she focuses on main contributors to global development and diffusion of democracy across the world, as well as outcomes of democracy and global marker economy for societies worldwide, and particularly to women. She is an author & editor of 10 books –the last one published with Cambridge Univ.press, and over 70 scholarly articles and chapters in academic books. Her publications include papers in American Sociological Review and Annual Review of Sociology. In her studies she applies multilevel regression models for which she created web interactive database Nations, Development and Democracy: 1800-2005 that is available at ICPSR Univ. of Michigan. The database assesses 187 sovereign countries from 1800–2005 on indicators that represent the level of democracy, socioeconomic characteristics, and diffusion processes. She also uses historical analyses. Her past and present administrative work includes establishment and directorship of an academic program on Eastern European Research and Exchange program at Cornell University; as well as establishment, development and chairmanship of the Department of Global Gender Studies and its graduate programs at the University at Buffalo.

Among her other current projects are completions of two books on Diffusion of Democracy as well as Gender, Democracy and Development. She is also pursuing a rigorous field research program on gender policies, women’s well-being and health in democratizing Asian, Eastern European, and African countries. At University at Buffalo, she teaches courses on Contemporary Globalization, Quantitative Methods, Global Economy, Violence in Gendered World, Democracy and Gender, and Gender and Society.



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